Khan Al Saboun

Men Organic Shaving Gel


This gel will help men have a shave that will leave their skin nourished, moisturised and invigorated.  It refreshes the skin, fights razor bumps and protects from irritation and skin breakout.

This gel suits all skin types, especially allergy prone ones and can be used for an incredibly smooth shave and a shiny head. (225ml)

Distilled herbal water, olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, honey, coconut extract, bergamot & verbena.
The “Men collection” avails for every man a full beauty kit that takes care of
his appearance. Each item evokes an irresistible signature associated with
masculinity. The Men Collection meets common men self-care needs, with
also a spectrum of fragrances that reflects a powerful, yet mysterious effect
such as spicy, fresh, citrus, musk, sandalwood and earthy odours. This
collection is our finest answer to all men looking for a subtle and distinctive
mixture of hygiene and elegance.

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