Khan Al Saboun

Ginger & Lemon Sea Salt Body Scrub

This peculiar product is your ticket to a world of warmth and freshness. While the warmth of ginger tightens the skin, the zesty essence of citrus boosts the energy, sugar .softens, seals in moisture and aid in protecting the skin. This product is especially used in nail care centers for removing callouses from the soles and heels of the feet. (350g)
Sea Salt, Sesame Oil, Ginger Powder, Sugar, Lemon Extract Oil, Ginger Extract Oil, edible herbs, and oils.
Wash your body with water, apply a small quantity on your hand then gently rub your body with the exfoliating scrub for 1 minute allowing the product to penetrate into the skin pores. Wash your body with warm water. Repeat once a week for best result. Keep away from heat
This product line is the first step to achieving a firm, youthful-looking body skin. The goal of a body scrub is to exfoliate dead skin cells and encourage healthy production of new ones. This helps to Smooth and soften rough and dry skin.

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